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on the floor. >> reporter: in 1992 ktvu talked to thomas kent who was also an inmate at the time. he said the plan was for the escapees to paddle their makeshift raft to tiburon. >> it was a small community. tiburon was very small. and they had a good chance not being seen. the main thing the whole thing was not being seen. the whole thing was destroying the evidence. >> reporter: did morris and the anglin brothers get to tiburon, destroy the evidence, travel to south america as they planned and start new lives? there's no evidence that they didn't. and that's enough mystery to keep a good story alive for 45 years. >> police storm the swift waters of san francisco bay through which they would have had to swim or go by raft to shore to near by island. >>> and an interview reveals more about life on the rock. >>> a reunion was held at alcatraz island for those who were prisoners and workers on the island. >> reporter: for those who chose this day for a tour their timing -- >> this is the 76th anniversary of the opening of alcatraz. >> reporter: was grea
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1